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Luckin, R, Akass, J, Cook, J, Day, P, N, Ecclesfield, F, Garnett, M, Gould, T, Hamilton and A, Whitworth (2007), "Learner-Generated Contexts: sustainable learning pathways through Open Content", OpenLearn 2007: Researching open content in education, October 30-31 2007, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.
MacMahon, C and Leeder, D (2007), "Making seen the unseen: exteriorising pedagogy and subverting technology in learning object development for the historical disciplines", ALT-C 2007, Nottingham, September 2007.
Morales, R and Carmichael, P (2007), "Mapping Academic Networks in an Inter-University Collaboration", 12th Biennial Conference EARLI 2007: Developing Potentials for Learning, Aug 28 - Sep 1, 2007, Budapest, Hungary.
Morales, R, Carmichael, P, Leeder, D, Wharrad, H and Windle, R (2007), "Wolfson reward programme: A boundary zone for development of activity systems in the RLO-CETL through dialogue", CAL 2007, March 2007, Trinity College Dublin.
Morales, R, Riddle, M, Wilson, L and Boyle, T (2007), "Study of Reuse of Learning Materials: lessons learned by KRN and application to the RLO-CETL", Symposium at the BERA Annual Conference, Sep 5-8, Institute of Education, London.
Park, J.R., Chapple, M., Wharrad, H.J & Bradley, S. (2007), "Early nursing career experience for 1994-2000 graduates from the University of Nottingham.", Journal of Nursing Management, 15(4), 414-423.
Qi, M, Boyle, T and Xue, Y (2007), "Cultural influences on learning object design and development", Paper presented at ALTC 2007, Nottingham, September 2007.
Rai, H, Wharrad, H, J and Windle, R (2007), "A disruptive technology conceived by students for students: An adaptable generative referencing tool", Poster presentation at CAL 07.
Randle, J, Lymm, J, Wharrad, H J, Timmons, S and et al (2007), "Reusable learning objects in Hospital Acquired infections", National Launch of Centre for Hospital Associated Infections, Nottingham, January 9 2007 (won poster prize).
Ravenscroft, A and Cook, J (2007), "New Horizons in Learning Design", Rethinking pedagogy for the digital age: Designing and delivering e-learning, Chapter 16.
Seale J., Boyle T., Ingraham B., Roberts G. & McAvinia C. (2007), "Designing digital resources for learning.", I G. Conole and M. Oliver. (Eds) Contemporary Perspectives in E-learning Research: Themes, methods and impact on practice. Routledge Falmer.
Smith, C (2007), "The use of web based and mobile re-usable learning objects in blended learning contexts", Keynote speech at 'NI LabVIEW Hands-on and Launch of Mechanical Engineering Community of Practice (CoP)', on Thursday February 1 2007 at Dublin City University.
Smith, C, Bradley, C, Holley, D, Cook, J and Haynes, R (2007), "Learning objects and blended learning designs for the net generation", Second International Blended Learning Conference: "Supporting the Net Generation Learner" , University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK, June 14 2007.
Smith, C, Cook, J and Bradley, C (2007), "Visualization as Interface: Enabling the Construction of Effective Learning Designs", 1st International Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training, Online Educa, Moscow, September 30 - October 3.
Smith, C, Cook, J, Bradley, C, Gossett, R and Haynes, R (2007), "Enhancing Deep Learning in Sports Science: The Application of Rich Media Visualization Techniques in Mobile and Reusable Learning Objects", Full Paper presented at ED-MEDIA 2007, June 25-29, Vancouver, Canada.
Smith, C, Cook, J, Bradley, C, Gossett, R and Haynes, R (2007), "Enhancing Learning Motivation with the Application of Rich Media Techniques in Sports Science Mobile Learning Objects (MLOs) and Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs)", EdTech2007, Eighth Annual Irish Educational Technology Users' Conference at the Dublin Institute of Technology, 23rd - 25th May.
Smith, C, Cook, J, Bradley, C, Gossett, R and Haynes, R (2007), "Motivating Learners: Mobile Learning Objects and Reusable Learning Objects for the X-Box generation", Paper presented at ALT-C, University of Nottingham, September 2007.
Taylor, M, Windle, R, Wharrad, H, Rai, H, Ljubojevic, D, Boyle, T, Tenney, J and Beggan, A (2007), "Supporting The Development Of Flexible Learning Object Development To Support Reuse In Health Science Education", Proceedings of INTED 2007. Edited by L. Gómez Chova, D. Martí Belenguer, I. Candel Torres. March 7-9, Valencia, Spain.
Tschirhart, C and Cook, J (2007), "Mobile learning and the e-generation", Invited talk at the E-Learning conference, hosted by the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies, February 1-2, 2007, University of Southampton.
Wharrad, H, Bath-Hextall, F and Windle, R (2007), "A community approach to the development of Reusable Learning Objects in Evidence Based Practice", 4th International Conference of Evidence-Based Health Care Teachers & Developers, October 31-November 4, 2007.
Windle, R J, Wharrad, H, Couper, K, Curtis, S, Cook, J, Mitchell, A, Leeder, D and Morales, R (2007), "Students in control: social networks of learners in e-learning development", ALT-C 2007, Nottingham, September 2007.
Windle, R J, Wharrad, H, McCormick, D, Dandrea, J, Bath-Hextall, L F J, Leighton, B, Bentley, E, Lacey, J, Cook, J and Holley, D (2007), "Does A Community Of Practice Approach To The Development of Learning Objects Support Reuse of E-Learning Materials In Health Science Education?", Proceedings of INTED 2007. Edited by L. Gómez Chova, D. Martí Belenguer, I. Candel Torres. March 7-9, Valencia, Spain.
Windle, R, Wharrad, H, Leeder, D and Morales, R (2007), "Sharing the LOAD: the future of learning object designs?", Online Educa 2007, Berlin, November 28-30 2007.
(2007), "Get Ahead student conference", Met Bulletin, twelve: 9.
(2007), "National workshop on mobile learning", Met Bulletin, Issue eighteen: 9.
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