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Boyle T. (2005), "A dynamic, systematic method for developing blended learning.", Education, Communication and Information, Special Issue on Blended Learning, Volume 5 Issue 3, 221-232.
Boyle T., Bradley C., Chalk P., Fisher K. and Pickard P. (2005), "Introducing a virtual learning environment and learning objects into higher education course.", Int. J. Learning Technology, Vol. 1, No. 4, 2005.
Boyle, T (2005), "Learning objects: the building blocks for scaling-up", Invited talk presented at Symposium on Scaling Up e-Learning, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Cranfield University, 13 October 2005.
Boyle, T, L, D and Wharrad, H (2005), "Designing and developing the next generation of re-usable learning objects", CAL 05, Bristol, April 2005.
Cook, J (2005), "How will CETLs work?", Invited talk at The Open University to IET's Centre for Institutional Research, June 5th 2005.
Cook, J (2005), "Reusable Learning Objects Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)", Invited poster and panel discussant at the Heads of e-learning Forum (HeLF) Conference, York, May 25.
Cook, J and Boyle, T (2005), "The Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Reusable Learning Objects", Discussion group at London Metropolitan University Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning, July 12th.
Cook, J and Boyle, T (2005), "Transformation? The Potential Impact of E-Learning, Repositories and Reusable Learning Objects on the Institution", Invited workshop for Eduserve Foundation Symposium, 'Many for Many: Collaborative Resource Development and Use', Wednesday 27th April, London.
Cook, J, Boyle, T, Leeder, D, Wharrad, H and Morales, R (2005), "The Student Voice on Enhancing Learning Through the Reusable Learning Objects CETL", The Higher Education Academy Annual Conference, June 29 - July 1, 2005, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.
Cook, J, Bradley, C, Haynes, R and Holley, D (2005), "Designing for Formal, Non-Formal and Informal m-Learning", Invited paper presented at Joint CETIS-TechDis Accessibility and EC (Educational Content) SIG Meeting, which had the theme of m-learning (mobile learning). Wednesday 23rd November 2005, South Birmingham College.
Leeder, D and Morales, R (2005), "Student engagement in the Wolfson Reward Programme", presented at Higher Education Academy Annual Conference, July 2005, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.
Leeder, D, Cook, J and Wharrad, H (2005), "CETL focus: Reusable learning objects", 01, the newsletter of the national Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine, 9: 4-6.
Morales, R, Leeder, D and Boyle, T (2005), "A Case in the Design of Generative Learning Objects (GLOs): Applied Statistical Methods GLOs", ED-MEDIA 2005, World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications.
Wharrad, H (2005), "Crossing boundaries: collaborative development of RLOs", Eduserv Foundation Symposium 2005 Proceedings Many for Many: Collaborative e-Resource Development and Use, April 27 2005, London.
Wharrad, H, Morales, R, Cook, J and Boyle, T (2005), "Many for Many: Collaborative e-Resource Development and Use", Invited presentations at the Eduserv Foundation Symposium, Wednesday April 27th 2005.
(2005), "Launch of New CETL", Met Bulletin, Issue one: 2.
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