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Generative learning objects (GLOs)

A primary motivation for developing learning objects is reusability. The RLO-CETL has developed a number of high quality learning objects that are designed to be pedagogically rich and reusable. Generative learning objects (GLOs) represent a significant move beyond this established base. In GLOs it is the pedagogical pattern at the heart of a learning object that provides the basis for reuse. Many specific learning objects can be generated from this core pedagogical pattern.

The focus in this approach is on reusable pedagogical designs rather than content. This concentrates attention in the right place: the quality of the design for learning. This approach is much more powerful than the traditional approach of producing concrete learning objects.

The practical benefits include:

  • It is more productive – many specific learning objects can be developed based on the same pedagogical pattern
  • The learning objects produced are highly adaptable. Tutors and learners can not only reuse these learning objects: they can repurpose them to meet their own needs and preferences.

To download the GLO authoring tool and user guide go to the GLO Maker website: http://www.glomaker.org