Steering group
Who we are

Photo of staff - click to see larger imageRLO-CETL is funded by the Higher Education Council for England (HEFCE) to be a Centre for Excellence in the design, development and use of learning objects. Academic staff, students and multimedia developers work in teams to create, use and evaluate pedagogically rich learning objects. The partner institutions are London Metropolitan University, the University of Cambridge and the University of Nottingham.

The principal aims of the CETL are to:

  • Build a powerful, flexible framework for producing and sharing a critical mass of learning objects
  • Share and evaluate the learning objects both nationally and internationally
  • Advance the pedagogical and structural design of learning objects - especially through the concept of generative learning objects (GLOs)
  • Provide an innovative and extensive staff reward programme designed to harness expert knowledge and transform it into engaging shareable content.

In the CETL we are weaving together staff development, team working and design innovation, with immediate and sustained impact on practice. We have a highly talented team across the three institutions, with a deep involvement of academic tutors. This community of practice is transforming the educational experience of large groups of students. We will continue to build productive, collaborative partnerships on a national and international level to scale up the impact of high quality learning objects.